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Horse Riding Basics For Beginners: How To Get Started And Stick With It

Horseback riding is an effective sport used for exercise. It requires a lot of balance and stable core for a rider to enjoy this activity. It also requires guidance from a coach or an instructor for safety purposes especially for beginners. MYLF – Natural School of Riding? As funny as it might sound, MYLF should be a school for riding lessons. We are going to explain you why. MYLF is Mom You Would Like To Friend and yes, it’s adults-only website dedicated to lovers of mature, experienced women from the adult entertainment industry. As you can imagine, they perfected...

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Learning Horse Riding: A Complete Guide

Learning horse riding is not as tough as it might look to some people. Horses are one of the most easily tamed animals who when treated properly can be one of your best companions. There are a lot of training schools and ranches that teach horseback riding to the people of any age. If you plan on learning horseback riding, here are a few steps that you have to undertake: Get To Know the Horse First thing that you should do before any lesson is try to know the horse that you will be riding. The horse should not be...

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Horse Ranches for Sale in The US

US has some amazing places for horse ranches. If you are looking to buy one, the perfect place for you would be a huge property that has a lot of greenery and is located somewhere near a waterbody. It should be huge in size and away from the hustle bustle of the city. Here are a few ranches on sale in US that you must check out.   Colorado Deacon Gulch Ranch This 418 acres property is situated in the west-central Colorado. There are huge pastures and horse grazing grounds. The property has a house with six bedrooms and...

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Most Popular Horse Ranches in US

For all the people who want to spend their vacations in the farms with the horses. Or the people who love horse riding but cannot afford to have a full ranch by themselves there are many places in the US they can go and have the time of their lives. You can go to these places for a short vacation or just for the sake of horse riding. The best horse ranches in the US are as follows. Alisal Guest Ranch Alisal Guest Ranch is a top vacation spot for the wildlife lovers. This is situated in Santa Barbara,...

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