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Running horsesWe are glad to have you guys on our site. We try our best everyday to bring to you the best information related the horse auction and selling industry. Horse auction is one of the most popular animal auctions in the U.S. People only know that the horses can be bought from the dealers, breeders or at real time auctions. We want to spread the word to the horse lovers that these horses can also be bought online and there are a huge number of sites solely dedicated to selling horses and horse stuff.

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Tricks To Buy Horses for Cheap

If you are a fan of buying horses you must know that the horses do not come cheap. There is a reason it is called the rich man’s sport and in the ancient times only a few could afford the luxury of a horse. Not only buying a horse is costly, but maintaining them is even costlier. The horse needs constant care, exercise and good food in order to stay fit and healthy. So, every person while buying a horse tries…

Top 10 Mistakes People Make While Buying Horses Online

Buying a horse can be a tricky task in itself if you are someone who does not have a lot of knowledge in the field. Not only is buying a horse in person a tough task, buying a horse online is even more tricky. With so many websites available on the internet these days, finding the perfect horse for you can get really daunting…

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What To Look For When Buying A Horse For Show Jumping

Finding your next show jumping horse can be a daunting task especially for the novice rider since buying a show jumping horse is different from buying a regular riding horse. For a good show jumper to be a great competitor, it must have a variety of characteristics. Therefore, when evaluating a...

The Best Horse-Riding Locations In The US

Horses are majestic creatures. And riding a horse can give you the same feeling that was shared by our ancestors as they galloped across the vast, untamed stretches of land, discovering new frontiers and daring to create civilization from the ground up. Anyone who has ever had a horse knows the...

Horse Riding Basics For Beginners: How To Get Started And Stick With It

Horseback riding is an effective sport used for exercise. It requires a lot of balance and stable core for a rider to enjoy this activity. It also requires guidance from a coach or an instructor for safety purposes especially for beginners. MYLF - Natural School of Riding? As funny as it might...

Horse Ranch In Arizona Is A Family Tradition

Want to know what’s Arizona known for? There is plenty of places to see – from Sonoran Desert to the deepest history stories of the Family Dick. Come and enjoy the virtual journey with us!

Learning Horse Riding: A Complete Guide

Learning horse riding is not as tough as it might look to some people. Horses are one of the most easily tamed animals who when treated properly can be one of your best companions. There are a lot of training schools and ranches that teach horseback riding to the people of any age. If you plan on...

Horse Ranches for Sale in The US

US has some amazing places for horse ranches. If you are looking to buy one, the perfect place for you would be a huge property that has a lot of greenery and is located somewhere near a waterbody. It should be huge in size and away from the hustle bustle of the city. Here are a few ranches on...

Our Horse Riding Ranch

Our horse ranchWe have a team of horse riding enthusiasts that bring to you the best tips and ways to learn and make the most out of your horse riding experience. Horse riding, if done appropriately, can be a very good sport and exercise for the rider. It is one of the best recreational activities for the riders. There are a lot of ranches that provide you with the horse riding facilities in the huge areas of pastures. We have listed some of the best ranches that can be visited as a weekend retreat and be a great horse riding experience for all. There is no particular age to learn horse riding. A kid as young as three years old can easily learn horse riding and be good at it. This article provides the list of the best places to learn horseback riding for both the kids and the adults.

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