If you are a fan of buying horses you must know that the horses do not come cheap. There is a reason it is called the rich man’s sport and in the ancient times only a few could afford the luxury of a horse. Not only buying a horse is costly, but maintaining them is even costlier. The horse needs constant care, exercise and good food in order to stay fit and healthy. So, every person while buying a horse tries to get them at a cheaper price so that he has some money left to care for the horses. Here are a few tricks that can help you get a horse for a cheaper rate.

Buy an Older Horse

An older but trained horse

An older but trained horse

This might sound a little offbeat since mostly people advice to buy young and healthy horses but this is very practical. An older horse is well trained and if kept properly can give you a lot of years of extended services. If you are a beginner then it is profitable for you to buy an older horse, since it is more matured and trained. It will not take a lot of time to adapt to you and his surroundings. Also older horses are fairly calmer than the younger ones, they are the best while teaching the younger kids. The best part is no matter how healthy and fit the old horse is, they are always available at a lower price than the younger ones. But before buying an older horse it is necessary to know his actual age and medical background. Some sellers might cheat you by giving an unhealthy horse at a lesser rate.

Search and Try Before Buying

Set yourself a budget and stick to it. It is not a smart approach to move away from your budget. With so many places to buy horses, it is not difficult to find the horse in your budget and perfect for all your needs. There are some things you do not need in a horse, so why pay extra for them. Better buy a cheaper one that fits your budget. Also do not go on the looks. Obviously the horse needs to look healthy but not all good looking horses are the best. They are made up sometimes and can deceive. So browse and gain a lot of info before buying.

Buy During The Fall or the Winters

The peak season for the sellers to sell the horses is springs and summers. This is the time the horses are very costly and every horse gets sold no matter how it is. Most sellers want to sell the horse in the summers because the winters means more expenditure on the horse care. So if you want to get the horses at a lower price, but them in fall. At this time the left out horses are available. Even though these are the rejected horses, there are a huge number of good quality horses also available for grabs. If you want to get even cheaper rates, buy the horses during the winters. As already mentioned the sellers are ready to take some loss in the cost since it is much better than spending a fortune in taking care of the horse during the winters.

Avoid Agents and Buy Directly

The middle men or the agents are going to sell you the horses at a much higher cost. The simple reason to it is the cost they will take for their services. It is better to buy directly from the buyer. This has two advantages, you get the horse at a lower price and the second is that you can personally know the horse and sort all your queries from the seller. Also it is very profitable and cheap to buy a horse from someone who has a healthy horse and is unable to take care of them. These people usually just want the horse to go to someone and would give you a nice deal on them.

Buy Online

Horse picture posted at an online auction

The best place to buy a horse in the internet. You can get a huge number of deals and discounts on the horses and can also find the best horse according to your need. Once you have selected your preferred horse. You can go visit the owner and buy it.