Horseback riding is an effective sport used for exercise. It requires a lot of balance and stable core for a rider to enjoy this activity. It also requires guidance from a coach or an instructor for safety purposes especially for beginners.

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The following steps can be used to get a beginner started and stick with horse riding


The first step to understand the basics is not actually getting on the horse but learning how to tie and groom the horse for safety purposes. Horse riding needs to feel comfortable for one to enjoy the ride. Putting on a helmet is part of a rider’s grooming to prevent any injuries in case anything goes wrong.

Put On A Saddle

After grooming the horse, a rider needs to saddle up. A western saddle blanket is used to saddle up. It is folded for it to fit neatly on the horse. A rider can also go for a western saddle pad which is not folded. English saddle pads come with hooks and ties to attach the D-ring to the saddle enhancing safety of the ride.

A rider should check beneath the Western blanket to ensure that it is placed flatly on the horse so that the horse’s hair below the blanket remains smooth to avoid discomfort of the horse.


After both the rider and the horse are well groomed, they are now ready to go. Get the help of an instructor to help you mount on the horse. A good sitting posture is a basic necessity for horse riding.

How Do You Get On A Horse?

A) Quick Check

A last minute check prevents any injuries. Everything should be set in place ready for the ride. The bridle buckles should be done up. The Stirrups should be adjusted appropriately.

B) Hold The Horse

The instructor needs to hold the head of the horse to make it stand upright smoothly. Using a mounting block to get on the horse makes it easier for a beginner to mount up. This block also protects the back of the horse from getting injured due to a rider’s weight.

In case a mountain block is lacking, dropping the stirrups a few holes would help the rider reach the horse easily. Stirrup extenders come in handy for short riders. The stirrups need to be adjusted after one mounts up the horse.


In order for a beginner to get balance after mounting, they need to practice how to walk, halt and turn. With the help of an instructor, one learns a skill known as the neck rein where the rider steers the horse using one hand for it to turn.

Increasing The Pace

This depends on the rider’s confidence after learning the basics. Increasing the pace begins with simple steps such as jogging, loping or riding the trot. As the horse increases its strides, a rider needs to rise out of the saddle seat to make riding the trot easier.


Removing feet from the stirrups prevents them from getting tangled up as one dismounts. The rider needs to lift his legs from the saddle then hit the ground with bent knees to acquire balance while landing.

In order to stick with horse riding, a rider should learn more than just basics. Understanding how to make an emergency dismount prevents injuries. In such circumstances, kick your feet free from the stirrups rolling away from the horse’s legs. Curling away from a spooking horse prevents the horse from stepping on a rider.

Physical fitness also improves balance and coordination for a rider to stick with this sport. It helps a rider overcome fear since one is confident on what to do in case a horse bucks.