For all the people who want to spend their vacations in the farms with the horses. Or the people who love horse riding but cannot afford to have a full ranch by themselves there are many places in the US they can go and have the time of their lives. You can go to these places for a short vacation or just for the sake of horse riding. The best horse ranches in the US are as follows.

Alisal Guest Ranch

Alisal Guest Ranch is a top vacation spot for the wildlife lovers. This is situated in Santa Barbara, California on the Santa Ynez Valley. This is a resort and spa where people from all over the country come and relax and do some horse riding. There is a 50 mile long riding trail where you can ride yourself or sit back and watch the majestic horses being ridden by their masters. Along with this they have two golf courses that feature 18 holes championships, pools, tennis court, spa, a 2 acre lake that is filled by the spring water. They have some of the best accommodations for every budget and some fine dining restaurants too. On the trails you can easily spot other animals such as deers, hawks, eagles and sometimes even bobcats. You can also participate in archery and cycling activities. There is a vineyard closeby that adds to its attraction. This place is more than just a horse ranch, it is a complete vacation spot.

Mountain Sky Guest Ranch

This ranch is located in Montana near the Yellowstone country and the Gallatin National park. This ranch is operative since 1929 and is one of the best in the whole US. They have over 130 horses of various breeds. They also provide a huge number of facilities to its guests like riding, Fly-fishing, hiking, golf, yoga, spa and other specially designed tour, activities. Since it mainly a horse ranch, horseback riding is the most famous activity in here. The 10,000 acres of land is free to be explored by the guests on the horses. The ranch also provides horse-riding learning programs for the kids and the adults. This is a paradise for the horse lovers.

Sorrel River Resort & Spa, Moab, Utah

This luxury spa and resort is one of the most famous ranches in the Utah region. Their tagline “where luxury meets adventure” totally justifies them. Situated amongst the Red Mountains this ranch resort has a huge 160 acres of land alongside the river Colorado. There is a petting zoo in the premises with many small animals like goats, pigs, rabbits and miniature horses. The activities apart from horseback riding are hike, yoga, camp fires, tennis, indoor games, spa etc. This is a perfect place for you to visit alone or with your family. This place has something to offer everyone.

Bar H Bar Ranch, Soda Springs, Idaho

This ranch is situated in the Soda Springs area of Idaho. It is owned by the Harris family and has been operational ever since 1990. Unlike the ranch resorts this ranch gives the visitors a more personalised treatment. The Harris family owns and looks after the horses by itself and only take in seven to eight visitors at a time and let them experience the life. The ranch is 10,000 acres in area and has 2000 cows and a huge number of horses. To have an authentic ranch experience, this is the place to visit.

CM Ranch, Dubois, Wyoming

CM Ranch is another family ranch situated near the Yellowstone. The ranch is situated on the Jakey’s Fork Canyon and is operative since 1920. The ranch is situated along the river and hence they offer many water activities also. The main activity is horseback riding. Apart from that there is fishing, hiking, swimming, spa and much more. They also provide horse-riding lessons to the visitors. You can explore the whole property on a horse and make the most of your trip to this place. To have a holistic vacation, the CM Ranch is the best place to visit.

Horse back ride at a ranch

Horse back ride at a ranch

Horses feeding

Horses feeding