Buying a horse can be a tricky task in itself if you are someone who does not have a lot of knowledge in the field. Not only is buying a horse in person a tough task, buying a horse online is even more tricky. With so many websites available on the internet these days, finding the perfect horse for you can get really daunting. Here are a few mistakes that the people usually make while buying a horse online:

Not viewing the horse in person

Man personally inspecting a horse

Man personally inspecting a horse

The first and the biggest mistake people do is buy the horse by only referring to its pictures. There are ample number of software’s that can alter an image to make the horse look something that it is totally not. It is very important to visit the horse owner in person and also the horse needs to be seen personally before buying.




Falls for fake advertisement

Many people who post the advertisements for their horses on the internet give out fake information. They might sugar coat everything and make it look very good. If you feel that the advertisement is too good to be true, then there is a big possibility that it is false. A genuine seller would post the picture of the horse along with the all the details and not sugar coat words to make the animal look attractive.

Giving Out Your Personal Information

Another mistake that people usually make is that they give out their personal details like home address, card numbers, bank account numbers and home phone numbers to strangers over the internet. It is possible that the seller might turn out to be a fraud and use your personal information against you. So make sure that the seller is genuine and check out all his information. If possible meet him personally before giving him all your personal details without any proper thoughts.

Not Asking For The Full Details

The seller needs to put in all the basic information about the horse clearly. If you find there is any information missing or the seller is trying to hide an information or is avoiding some query, there can be a huge problem with the horse. So knowing the whole physical and family history of the animal as well as the dealer is important before making a purchase.

Not Asking For the Reason Behind the Sell

The people usually do not tend to ask the seller as to why he or she wants to sell the horse. If the seller is a professional seller then this point becomes invalid but if the seller is an individual than it is very important for you to know the reason. There are sometimes that the horses that were stolen from someone got sold to another person and that later ended up in trouble whereas the actual seller escaped. So to avoid any such situation the reason should be asked.

Going For An Unclear Advertisement

Some advertisements are very unclear. They only mention the price and no extra information of the animal. The seller also is not able to properly describe the animal. It is advisable to stay away from such people as they can be frauds and might fool you into either buying the wrong horse or might just run off with your money.

Not Getting A Veterinary Exam Done

Veterinarian checking a horse

Veterinarian checking a horse

Many people buy the horse and see the reports the seller shows them but do not confirm them. Later it turns out that the horse has some physical problems. This is one of the most common mistakes people make. This can be avoided if you get the tests done in front of you and by your trusted veterinarian.






Unknown Seller

Another mistake that is usually made while buying a horse online is that people usually do not check the seller’s identification. Anonymous sellers can be illegal and buying a horse from can get you stuck in many legal matters. To avoid this always ask around about the dealer and ask him to show the dealing certificate that gives him the rights to buy and sell horses.

Breeders Certificate

Some people do not ask for the breeders certificate before buying a pregnant mane from the online dealers. The breeding certificate is very necessary in order for the horses to breed in your premises. So if the horse gives birth in your barn, it is punishable by the law unless you have a certificate.

Buying Untrained Horses

Untrained horse rampaging

Untrained horse rampaging

Many sellers advertise the horses as highly trained and having good barn manners. Many people fall for these advertisements and buy untrained horses. They do not meet the horses beforehand and when the horse comes to them, they find out it is untamed. This can be avoided by taking a trial of the horse or interacting with him personally.